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         very distantly, seraphina can feel some sort of emotion
         dragging  at  her  ribs.   is  this  sympathy?   guilt?  the
         identity of this cloudy sensation is still lost on her all
         she       knows        at        the       moment        is       that
         it        is          uncomfortable           and           unwanted.

                                                          ❝  sterile.    not  able  to  produce
                                                               children            or           young.  

          it is only now, after she delivers this textbook definition,
          that  the  detached  goddess  very   slowly   realizes  the
          weight and cruelty of her words.     for all her facades of
          frigid   apathy,       there     indeed     lies     a     forbidden
          weakness         regarding         this          very        subject.

          igneous  gaze  darts  uncertainly,    not  trusting  herself
          ( unable ) to meet the other’s gaze  with  the  same cold
          indifference she had held moments  before. and a frame
          that      is        usually       so       graceful       and       fluid
          steps      back      with      a      stiffened      awkwardness.

                                                            ❝  i am sorry for your loss.  ❞

           is  that  the  thing  to  say  to  one  who  has been given
           such news?  most likely not. but isolation has rendered
           the           goddess              unintentionally           impolite
           in            these           sorts            of            circumstances.

     a twang was felt in her gut. feeling almost like she had
     been dealt  a swift blow  with the flat  answer she had
     been given   by the woman.   the news only   sinking in
     more and more with the undesired defining of the word.

               i know what it means. ❞

     the words were gritted out, almost sounding exasperated.
     she wasn’t sure if she had meant to be so blunt with the
     given explanation       hell, she was never quite sure what
     she meant to do when trying to convey some things; she
     was a hard   woman to read       but,   she found herself
     quite upset by how indifferent she was delivering the news.

     hands  came  to   smooth  out  head   feathers  and  hair,
     taking a deep breath.     eyes shutting for a moment. just
     trying  to  let  this  all  process.  still  in  a  state  of  near
     disbelief. she didn’t want to believe it; wanted to deny this

     eyes flickered open, settling on the goddess at her next
     sentence. surprised to have gotten something that could
     be compared to sympathy from her. arms fell back to her
     side,     simply     giving     a     shake     of     her     head.

               ❝ it’s … fine. you can’t really lose something
                  you   never   had   to   begin   with,   right? ❞

     an empty laugh. trying to force a smile, with no success.
     features                              falling                               flat.

                              something you never had and never will have, now…

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With a disappointed look, the bowman turned from the taunting fruit high within the branches of brilliant leaves and gazed at Tooth with a longing expression.

"Young I may be, Little Bird, but full grown I am still." he reminded her, his face softening into a smile, "I’m tall for my kin, mind you."

With a defeated sigh, the prince eyed the distant delight once more and abruptly reached for an arrow.

"As mother always said, if there’s a will—"


"There’s a way."

                         huh. ❞

     she probably  shouldn’t have  been too  surprised at
     learning this was most likely going to be the full height
     he would reach. a bit more surprised at learning that
     his   height   was   considered   tall   for   his   people.

     a slight cant of the head once he’d knocked the arrow,
     taking a quick glance to the fruit that teased the dwarf
     so. She was rather amused by the whole situation, and
     a   bit   impressed   by   his   determination   to   get   it.

          ❝ i’m very sure there are easier ways to
             obtain  the  fruit  without  resorting  to
             shooting                 it                 down. ❞

                    possibly ask for help getting it?

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'Mulan' quote starters

          ❝        no fire

     a reprimanding look was given to the spirit, the monarch
     looking almost like a mother ready to punish her child
     for some form of misbehavior.

                                                  ❝ you set fire in my palace, and I will hurt you

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"Tomorrow, the real work begins."

'Mulan' quote starters


          ❝ well, doesn’t tomorrow have some interesting promises. 

     a light jest at their circumstances. never would she have
     thought she would see the day in which they would have
     to cooperate with one another. although, she did not find
     it to be as displeasing a situation as it might have been,
     say, just a few years ago.

                         this will be  i n t e r e s t i n g .

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